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As a form of crowdfunding we are offering a number of exclusive items for sale through this website. By buying something you are directly supporting the filmmakers; collected funds will entirely be used to make the film available on as many big and small screens as possible. Your contribution helps us paying for festival entry fees, or any other way for us to approach distributors. And you get a …unique… eye catching little piece of cinema memorabilia in return.

The Miracle Of Life DVD – 2-Disc Special Edition


Released in 2014 by Zeno Pictures for Benelux Area. English language with Dutch subtitles. In addition to the main feature, this edition includes a Trailer, Aborted Scenes, Am I Really That Ugly (aka building the placenta) featurette and Luke’s Childhood Memories Tape short film.
More info and technical specs here.
Buy now at Zeno Pictures website 
The Miracle Of Life VHS (Limited Edition) + online streaming link



This old school tape edition is limited to 100 copies, each handmade and umbilical cord numbered. Each purchase comes with a free g-string worn by the placenta’s mother herself.
More info and technical specs here.
SOLD OUTOnly stock-items left are travelling around for convention-sales. If we’ll have any leftovers from that, they’ll be available for online purchase again. We’ll announce it on our Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled.