Q: When will the VHS be available?
A: At the time of writing (early feb 2014) part of the 100-tape stock has already been manufactured, with more on the way. We hope to ship out in time for valentine’s day, so that all you lovebirds out there waiting for the ultimate date movie will not be disappointed.

Q: Are you a professional/experienced retailer?
A: As you might have guessed: no. We’re filmmakers in the first place. Just like the film was created thanks to the energy, enthusiasm and unconditional patience of just a handful of people, this website and shop is a small-scale home based operation, relying on the self-taught skills and experiences of individuals. This means that, while we don’t have a fancy looking add-to-cart system with dozens of neat options, we are in fact very approachable and  together with you we’ll be trying to work out the best and cheapest way to get your items delivered to you.

Q: I’m placing an order from Belgium/The Netherlands,  but there are two shipping options. Which one should I choose?
A: If you choose the more expensive one (BPost), your order will be delivered at your door by regular mail. If you choose the cheaper one (Kiala), your order will be sent to a Kiala service point in your neighborhood (for more info check the Kiala Belgium or Kiala Netherlands), where you can pick it up. There’s even a third possibility; you can pick up your order directly from us in Ghent, which costs nothing extra (except of course your own travel expenses). In that case contact us before placing your order.

Q: The website and movie are completely in English. If I contact you, should I write in English?
A: We can communicate fluently in English, Dutch and German. French is possible too but it may take us a little longer to reply.

Q: I’d like to order larger quantities of an item than the shop-page allows. 
A: No problem. Best to contact us first through rabijns.sondermeier@gmail.com If you want to order a large(r) number of items for reselling, we can give you a small discount. Any way to give the film more exposure is very welcome.

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