Make your own placenta print

Each culture has its own mythology surrounding the placenta. In Malaysia the placenta is considered to be the child’s little brother, a guardian to the child’s  health throughout its life.

The Hmong bury the placenta at specific places under the family house, so that after death the spirit of the deceased could retrieve its placenta and wear it as a jacket in its journey away from the physical world.

In the west the placenta is thrown in the trash, cooked for snack parties (awkward suppressed cannibalistic urges)  or used in arts & crafts practices to make placenta prints.

In true Rorsach-test fashion, the meaning of the image created by the placenta print is determined by the observer. Some see a face, others brain matter or a tree of life.

If you’ve just given birth, here is a very good tutorial to print your own placenta.

The Miracle Of Life movie poster is a placenta print of Luke. Each poster is hand-printed using the actual placenta from the movie.

luke_printlukeprint detail

We offer a template for download to create your personal Miracle Of Life movie poster of your very own placenta. Never before has the glamour of Hollywood been so close to your very own flesh and blood.

Download the template (right-click and “save as”)

Send us pictures of your homemade placenta prints and we will feature them on this website.

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