A film by Yves Sondermeier and Joël Rabijns
Belgium, 2013

The story
In a twisted world, Marianne gives birth to a rather unusual child. While the child is born dead, life finds its way trough the afterbirth. Marianne decides to raise her placenta as a normal human being; as a young man named Luke. Behind his monstrous facade, there is revealed a person of intelligence, faith and sensitivity. Luke struggles for his place in a world of drunks, junkies, whores and bodybuilders. An insane world that treats him as a freak. As this hostile society slowly pushes him towards the edge, Luke has to choose between holding on to his gentle ideals or becoming the merciless soldier his mother always wanted him to be.

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Not neatly fitting into the categorizations of mainstream festivals and cinemas, The Miracle Of Life is slowly gathering a small but devoted cult following through word of mouth. The film can perhaps best be described as a body-horror comedy. Although hardcore horror fans, coming-of-age-story enthusiast and retro fetishists will all encounter elements that they know and love, The Miracle Of Life will dodge their expectations, rather choosing to dive into a highly artificial but meticulously crafted trash-world of its own. A colorful re-imagining of an American Dream that has only been experienced second-hand, through the highest and lowest shelves of the video store.

The team
Pascal Maetens stars as Marianne, the feminist-without-a-cause muscle mother of Luke the placenta. Supporting cast consists of Karel Vingerhoets as the hungry pervert priest Julio Gritty, Andreas Perschewski and Michael Fromowicz as two horny street bums, Harry and Bill, Céline Verbeeck as Angie, the friendly prostitute, Jérémie Petrus as Francis, the deranged white trash teenager and Sofie Hoflack as Rihanna, the obsessive compulsive carnivorous prom queen.

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