A personalized video for every sacrament

We are now offering our services as directors-for-hire. We will document your wedding on video to eternalize that special moment. We deliver it in cinema-quality HD in a variety of formats so that you can easily share it with your friends and family through modern social media technology.

Any important or unimportant event in your life can be immortalized. If you, for example, happen to want a memorial video for your dearly beloved deceased pet… we do everything.
Just drop us a message on rabijns.sondermeier@gmail.com

We have experience in a wide range of visual styles, from glittery glamour to slow and poetic. Do you distrust moving pictures and rather go for an old fashioned photo shoot as a souvenir of a special moment in your life (*)? No sweat, we’ve got it covered.

We work silently and efficiently with our own arsenal of professional equipment. So who are you gonna call?


that adress again: rabijns.sondermeier@gmail.com


(*) TIP: we specialize in pregnancies.

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