The Miracle Of Life – Limited Edition VHS



Watch The Miracle Of Life at home, as you would have back in the day.

This old school tape edition is limited to 100 copies. Each handmade tape is umbilical-cord numbered.

As a bonus we throw in one of the g-strings worn by Marianne with each purchase. These panties are actual props from the movie, but feel free to let us know your size and we’ll see what we can do.

TAPES WILL NOW INCLUDE A LINK TO WATCH A DIGITAL TRANSFER OF THE TAPE ONLINE. This way you won’t have to invest in analog technology, but you still get that warm fuzzy sleazy VHS image, even on your smart-device. It’s the best of all worlds.

VHS Specs:
Package: recycled clamshell box (also props from the film; Luke’s own video collection!) with mint condition artwork. Each tape is labeled with title and the tape’s unique number (applied by Luke’s umbilical cord in “menstrual blood”)
Feature length: 84 min
English (with English subtitles)
Mono sound
4:3 (2.40:1 letterboxed)
Online streaming version is a SD transfer of the VHS tape. Streaming platform is Vimeo (protected link).

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